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Society of St Vincent de Paul

"The poor alone demand your time; treat them with gentleness, with tenderness, with love.
They are the nobility of heaven." ~St. Vincent de Paul

For 121 years, St. Vincent de Paul has been providing the Greater Detroit Area with more goods and services than any other charity. All of this, at little or no cost. How do we do it? With your help! Though your donations, volunteering and contributions, Vincentians help people in need. It doesn't matter what race, religion, or ethnic origin, if someone needs help, we are there to assist. St. Vincent is not just about serving; we stive to preserve the dignity of all individuals and their families. This tenet of maintaining unity is a defining characteristic of the Society and our work. Annually, the Society serves over 90,000 people and has an administrative cost of just 16%. This means that 84 cents of every dollar that we take in goes to help thousands of people in need.

Click pdfimagehere for a list of local organizations that provide assistance (This list is a work in progress.)
Click here to visit the Detroit Chapter.

Marine City Chapter

Contact Holy Cross Church, 765-3235, for information on how you can help. Regular meetings are held are held the third Thursday of the month.

Algonac Chapter

Contact St. Catherine's Church, 794-3301, for information on how you can help. Regular meetings are held every Monday.

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